Missie McGovern | Choose a Time & Date


With limited Sessions available each week it is important to book with Missie McGovern Photography 2-3 weeks in advance.


I love to get to know my clients a bit, so we can chat over the coffee or the phone.  You can tell me all about your family and the photos that are a must-have, then I can help you make styling decisions and answer any questions you might have.


I love and use natural light whenever possible to create images.  The best time to have your session is usually 60-90 minutes after the sun rises and before it sets.  Actually, photographers call this time “Golden Hour” because the light is so magical.  The suns rays are long and diffused so they reach across the sky with a warm glow and a bit of shimmer.  So I always try to schedule Sessions during this time, however some locations allow for a bit of flexibility, which we can always discuss during your consultation!


Ordering Session

Within 2 weeks of your session we will meet again for an in-person Ordering Session.  At this appointment I can help you choose which of your favorite images will be showcased in your home and shared with your friends.